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Supplier of tunics for hospitals and medical businesses. Our cheap tunics are ideal for a wide range of professions and job roles.. Our non-medical range is ideal for salon workers and beauty therapy staff. We supply dental tunics to dentists and private healthcare sectors. Our salon tunics are ideal hairdressers and beauticians.

All of our tunics are made from high quality garments that are durable and comfortable. Our medical tunics have been supplied to hospital and healthcare organisations. Our salon and beauty therapy tunics come in a selection of fashionable styles and colours to make it ideal for salon businesses.

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Our cheap tunics are economical and affordable for small and large medical businesses. All of our tunics and tunic clothing are avaible from stock with competitive prices

Our tunics come in a wide range of colours, giving you the choice to have the tunics suitable for your business. Our healthcare tunics come in over a dozen colours, allowing you to have clothing suited for your business.

The tunics we supply can be used in a variety of occupations, both medical and non-medical. Our tunics have been used as dental tunics, nurse tunics, salon tunics, pharmacy tunics - A wide range of professions and businesses.

All of our tunics come in a wide selection of sizes. This allows you to have comfort and support while working.