Medical Tunics

Medical tunics for a large range of medical businesses.

At 1tunic UK, we pride ourselves on our variety of medical tunics. We have a large range of colours and styles specifically made for medical and hospital businesses. We have a selection of garments that are ideal as healthcare tunics.

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Our medical tunics come from Rizues – the uniform company. Which are a official NHS supplier. All our garments are made specifically for medical and hospital organisations. We meet all health regulations.

Our tunics are priced so that all healthcare businesses (large or small) can afford our garments. Our tunics are affordable and economical.

Our R01 nursing tunic is priced at only £12.95 (ex.vat).

Our medical tunics are used by nurses, doctors, dentists – a wide range of hospital staff.

The Rizues Brand website has a range of medical tunics and other uniforms. Visit  To view their entire medical range.