Maternity Tunics (R9)

Maternity Tunics:

Our maternity tunics are  designed for both medicalmaternity-tunics and non-medical businesses. This tunic is available in 3 colours and 4 styles.  The tunic comes is a selection of sizes (S-XL).

The price for the R9 is priced at: £15.95 (ex.vat). This makes it affordable for all businesses.

Our tunics are high quality garments and ideal for a large range of businesses.

The example of our maternity tunic (see right) is an example of a white tunic with navy trimming.

The R9 maternity tunic is available in the following  colours:

maternity tunic colours

 Our colours gives you the freedom of choice, while working.


1Tunic UK – Price list
Reference # Tunic Name Price
R9 Maternity Tunic [female] £15.95 (ex.vat)

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