Healthcare Tunics [female] (R1)

The R1 healthcare tunics are stud tunics. With its large range of styles, the healthcare tunics can be used in a wide range of professions. We supply the tunic to care homes, nursing staff, private medical businesses and more.

The stud healthcare tunics comes in a selection of colours, healthcare tunicgiving you the option of how your staff are presented within your business.

The price for the R1 stud tunic is cheap and affordable. This is so that our products are suitable for businesses of any size. Stud tunic Priced at only: £11.95 (ex.vat)

The stud tunic Image (right) shows the style Pale blue with a white trim.

The R1 stud tunic is available in the following styles and colours:

r1 colours

This large selection gives you the convenience of choosing a garment that is correct for your business. We make sure that all of our products are suitable for any company.

1Tunic UK
Reference # Tunic Name Price
R1 Stud Healthcare Tunic [female] £11.95 (ex.vat)

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