Dental Tunics [male] (R51)

The R51 stud tunics were first designed as a dental tunic, now it is used in a wide range of medical and non-medical businesses. The dental tunicdental tunics comes in 5 colours. From plain white to a vibrant red. The stud tunic is perfect for hygiene related work and medical tasks.

The price for the R51 dental tunics are cheap and affordable. This is so that our products are suitable for all practices. Stud tunic Priced at only: £11.50 (ex.vat)

The R51  stud dental tunics are available in the following five colours:

r51 colours








1Tunic UK – Price list
Reference # Tunic Name Price
R51 Dental Tunic [male] £11.50 (ex.vat)

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