Pharmacy Tunics [female] (R8)

Pharmacy Tunics and Tops:

The R8 contrast Zip pharmacy tunics are ideal for pharmacy and nurse wear. However, the contrast zip pharmacy tunics bluetunic is appropriate for both medical and non-medical businesses.  The contrast pharmacy tunics are available 4 main colours, each with a separate coloured trim.

The price for the R8  is highly economical for the quality of the product. This is to ensure that all medical businesses (large or small) can get access to high quality garments. The contrast zip tunic is Priced at: £13.25 (ex.vat)

The R8 contrast Zip tunic is available in the following colours and styles:

r8 colours







This supply of colours  is to give you many options for what garments your staff wear. You can match our garments with your business, creating a stylish and professional look.


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Reference # Tunic Name Price
R8 Contrast Zip Tunic [female] £13.25 (ex.vat))

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