Beauty Tunics [female] (R11)

Beauty tunics in Cossak style:

The R11 Cossack beauty tunics are sleek and modern tunic that is designed with salons, hairdressers and beauticians in tunics This tunic is available in 3 colours that are ideal for the salon-like environment.

The price for the R11 beauty tunics are priced at:  £12.75 (ex.vat) making affordable for all businesses, no matter the size of the company.

This tunic has the perfect combination of fashion, style and professionalism. Ideal for salon staff and hair dressers.

The Cossak beauty tunics are supplied in the following 3 colours:

r11 colours






1Tunic UK – Price list
Reference # Tunic Name Price
R11 Cossak Tunic [female] £12.75 (ex.vat)

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